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  Staff Hiring:

All our employees undergo extensive background and reference checks prior to hiring. 

Treasure of Hope goes to great lengths to assemble the best professionals available to provide reliable, well-trained care; we employ professionals who share the same innovation and inspiration of excellence to provide exceptional health care for the highest quality end result. 

Evidence and Professional Standards 

Treasure of Hope integrates the following evidence-based assessments into its assessment process: 

        § Morse Fall Scale—


        § Mini-Cog—


        § Self-Neglect—


        § PHQ9—


        § Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale – 


        § Barthel Index of ADL—


Treasure of Hope trains all case managers in the use of Motivational Interviewing and use of the trans-theoretical model in care planning.

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Helpful Links – useful information or tools related to person-centered care, care transitions or quality improvement

· Stages of Change - includes strategies that help people maintain change

· The Learning Community - for Person Centered Practices

· The Care Transitions Program - About the Care Transitions Intervention

· Transitional Care Model - evidence-based approach to care transitions for people

· Institute for Healthcare Improvement - Better Care for People with Complex Needs

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