Sheena T. Love (  Founder )   

Treasure of Hope was founded in 2010 by Sheena T. Love, a Human Services professional with a vision for creating a unique, compassionate healthcare service that would treat people of all challenges with respect, dignity, and first-rate care right in the comfort of their homes. Through her founding of Treasure of Hope in 2010, Sheena sought to address a need for more effective healthcare that would not only offer a greater level of respect to those in need but also provide a means of incorporating green, sustainable living into their daily lives.
Sheena is passionate about helping others. Her passion for the caregiving field comes from her own personal experience caring for her mother who suffered a lifelong illness. Because of this background, Sheena is intimately familiar with the challenges facing both the person in need of care and the person providing the care. She possesses a wealth of experience and expertise on how best to address the complexities of both. Sheena has worked in the Human Service field for over 10 years and is certified in Pharmacy
Technology and Science with A.S in Integrated general studies from Holyoke Community College. She served as a Pharmacy Technician in several communities and pharmacies, Sheena has a B.S  in Health Care Mangement from Springfield College.  Providing hands-on expertise with a diverse array of populations. She has worked extensively with people with special needs and those with physical or mental conditions in need of support. Her work in group homes spanned six years, including four years in which she opened her own home to people with special needs. 

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